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1. Client Briefing

A meeting takes place at which the client briefs the search consultant thoroughly about the organisation, its vision, objectives, strategy and culture, and the precise nature of the role to be filled. An assignment document is drawn up by the consultant to reflect this discussion, setting out the search strategy, candidate profile and remuneration and is submitted to the client for approval before we move to the next stage of the process.

2. Research

The search strategy starts with research. Our in-house research team identifies the organisations in which potential candidates are likely to be found, and within them the individuals who are performing functions which match the requirement. A long list is prepared and discussed with the client, after which agreed candidates are approached.

3. Short List

Candidates are seen by the search consultant and a short list is submitted to the client, backed by a full report on each individual.
In-house psychometric support is provided where required.

4. Appointment

The client finally makes the appointment, and we continue to act as a support when required during the negotiation of the remuneration and in reference checking. Complete confidentiality is maintained throughout the process.